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Doing what’s best for everyone

Ensuring only the most motivated, strictly vetted Supply Teachers make it onto our platform and into your schools is what we do.

Unlike agencies, we don’t add considerable fees on top of day rates. This in turn means Supply Teachers get paid more, increasing your chances of getting motivated staff into the classroom.

Our selection criteria is strict and every person who applies to work on the platform goes through our rigorous checking process for peace of mind.

  • All Supply Teachers have 2+ years experience
  • They’re friendly staff who care about teaching and want to excel
  • All applicants quality screened / ID verified prior to being selectable

Digital ID verification

We use the most sophisticated digital verification methods available to ensure you always know who you’re dealing with.

Our partnership with onfido.com means that before anyone is allowed onto the platform, we have established that they are who they say they are. We digitally carry out the following checks as standard:

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  • Identity Check - verifies name, address and dob by cross-referencing details against a range of verified databases
  • Right To Work Check - visual image scan which analyses passports and other documents to verify that they are genuine
  • Enhanced Criminal Records Check - the most comprehensive check of national and local police records available
  • Profile video - every Teacher on the system uploads a 30 second intro video to aid in your selection

Looking after the pennies

We exist to help Schools save money, Supply Teachers make more money and for both parties to get more value from each other.

We read the forum posts of unhappy circumstances surrounding agency fees and treatment of staff leading to demotivated teams. Hopefully we can help with that!

Designed with YOU in mind

Everything Supply Hire does is designed around you - from the way we match you with Supply Teachers to how you communicate with them.

When the time comes to need a short term member of staff, our aim is for you to simply post details of the job, leaving us to select the best 5 candidates locally for you to choose from.

Once you’ve made your selection you’ll be able to easily communicate things like lesson plans, facility maps and anything else you deem important.

Find out how it works here.
supplyhire assistant

Ready, steady ... go!

Get started today and you could be hiring great quality Supply Teachers by tomorrow morning.

What are you waiting for? Get the staff you need, at the price you deserve without depending on overpriced agencies.

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